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Hangzhou Internet Court sets new adjudication modes for internet disputes

There is a need to establish more Internet courts and promote a new Internet justice mechanism, according to the head of China’ top court.
Zhou Qiang, president and chief justice of the Supreme People’s Court (SPC), made this comment at a seminar held on Oct 31 for the one-year anniversary of the Hangzhou Internet Court.
The establishment of the internet court promotes China’s judicial reform and is an innovation in the integration of the judicial system and the Internet. In the past year, the Internet court improved its adjudication mechanisms and litigation services. China’s first big data operation platform was successfully used in trials, which improved the efficiency of internet dispute enforcement and helped maintained cybersecurity.
Innovations such as blockchain-based digital evidence storage and online trials that judges, plaintiffs and defendants can attend at different places and times have also been used by the court as it builds a community of shared future in cyberspace, Zhou added.

News from: Supreme People’s Court of the People’s Republic of China (english.court/




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