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Online legal documents improve China’s judicial transparency

China Judgment Online housing over 55 million documents, had had more than 20 billion hits by Nov 13.
The website, launched in July 2013, is a governmental website releasing valid written judgments, verdicts and decisions of the Supreme People’s Court (SPC), which contributes to China’s judicial transparency.
According to the World Bank’s newly released report on business environments, the Chinese mainland is 32 ranks ahead of its position last year.
The SPC is making efforts to promote a fair judicial mechanism to improve China’s business climate and offer judicial support and guarantees for the reform and opening-up policy in the new era.
Li Liang, director of the SPC’s judicial management office, said the website is gaining more and more attention owing to the implementation of regulations, the optimization of mechanisms and the strong support of information technology.
China Judgment Online not only offers materials and references to adjudication and legal research, but also provides guidance to the public in legal matters and in how to resolve disputes through sample cases.
It is intended to offer services to judicial reform, lawyers’ practices, litigation, teaching and researching and legal publicity, as well as enforcement and case handling.

News from:  Supreme People’s Court of the People’s Republic of China.



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