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Representing client in filing a lawsuit and ultimately reaching a settlement

Recently, the foreign team of our law firm represented a well-known German enterprise in the field of product design, production, and sales. In an international dispute over the sale of goods, despite the existence of arbitration clauses, we took a different approach and filed a lawsuit in China, ultimately leading to a settlement.

In an international goods sales transaction between a German customer as the buyer and a China company as the seller, the goods sold by the seller were seized and destroyed due to infringement of third-party intellectual property rights, resulting in a dispute. Lawyers have found that the dispute resolution clauses stipulated in the dispute contract are relatively complex, which will inevitably cost a lot of time. Based on considerations of cost, efficiency, and possible enforcement of rulings, we successfully initiated the litigation proceedings. In the end, all parties reached a settlement in the lawsuit, and the defendant assumed liability to the client.

This case is showing how our lawyers successfully save clients’ time and financial costs in dispute resolution cases by selecting the correct strategy, flexibly using arbitration, litigation, and other alternative dispute resolution methods.



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