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Resolving the Win Cargos Purchase Contract Dispute in Chinese Court


China’s rapid economic growth has fueled an increase in international trade and commerce, leading to a rise in commercial disputes. The dispute revolves around a purchase contract between a global logistics company as buyer, and a Chinese supplier. This article explores the key aspects of the case, the legal framework in China, and the potential implications of the court’s decision.


In 2022, buyer entered into a purchase contract with a Chinese supplier for the procurement of a significant quantity of goods. The supplier failed to deliver the agreed-upon goods within the specified timeframe and buyer claimed the breach of contract resulted in significant financial losses. The supplier, on the other hand, argued that buyer had not fulfilled its payment obligations, which led to a delay in the delivery of goods. Unable to reach an amicable resolution, both parties decided to pursue legal recourse in a Chinese court.

Legal Framework:

The Chinese legal system is primarily based on civil law principles, with legislation serving as the primary source of law. Contract disputes in China are typically governed by the Contract Law of the People’s Republic of China. Under this law, parties are obligated to perform their contractual obligations in good faith and are liable for damages resulting from a breach of contract. Chinese courts are responsible for interpreting and applying the law in contract disputes, ensuring a fair resolution for all parties involved.

Key Issues in the Case:

Breach of Contract: The primary issue at hand is determining whether either party breached the terms of the purchase contract. The court will assess the evidence provided by both buyer and the Chinese supplier to determine the extent of the breach, if any.

Performance and Damages: The court will also examine whether either party fully performed their obligations under the contract. In the event of a breach, the court will assess the damages suffered by buyer and whether they are entitled to compensation.

Court judgment:

The court determines that the Chinese supplier breached the contract, it orders compensation for buyer, including damages resulting from financial losses and any additional costs incurred.



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