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Secures Victory for Italian Company in China Cargo Purchase Lawsuit

Jinan, June 12, 2022, Win & Win Law Firm successfully represented an Italian company in a lawsuit against a Chinese supplier over the non-delivery of purchased cargo. The case, which unfolded in China’s judicial system, highlights the firm’s expertise in international litigation and its commitment to ensuring justice for its clients.

The Italian company had entered into a significant transaction with the Chinese supplier, expecting the timely delivery of goods after making the required payment. However, the cargo never arrived despite fulfilling their contractual obligations. Recognizing the need for legal recourse, the Italian company sought the services of Win & Win Law Firm.

With extensive knowledge of Chinese court procedures and international trade laws, Win & Win Law Firm swiftly initiated legal proceedings on behalf of the Italian company. The legal team meticulously built a strong case, gathering evidence of the contractual obligations, payment records, and correspondence that clearly demonstrated the Italian company’s compliance.

Presenting their arguments before the Chinese court, Win & Win Law Firm effectively certified the Chinese supplier’s breach of contract and failure to deliver the cargo. The court carefully examined the evidence, ensuring a fair and thorough evaluation of the case. Ultimately, the Chinese court ruled in favor of the Italian company, acknowledging the breach of contract by the Chinese supplier and ordering appropriate compensation for the damages incurred.

Win & Win Law Firm’s victory in this lawsuit exemplifies their dedication to protecting the rights and interests of their clients in international disputes. Through their expertise in Chinese court litigation proceedings and their meticulous approach to building a strong case, the firm achieved a favorable outcome for the Italian company.





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