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Win International Ship Construction Contract Dispute

Russian company (as buyer) signed ship building contract with China Rongchen ship building company (as seller). After building was finished, and delivering time was coming, Shidao company asked Russian to perform another five contracts of building five vessels. If not, seller would claim Russian company to pay five million dollar as compensation damage. Because the Rongchen ship company had been in bankruptcy. The Russian company did not want to pay any more. Rongchen company applied to Qingdao maritime court for arresting this vessel. So, this vessel was arrested by court, and stayed in Shidao port.

By introduction of famous English law firm, the Russian company contacted with Win & Win Law Firm, entrusted our partner attorneys of Kevin and Mr. Zhang to settle this dispute in China. After accepting this case, and reviewing the documents, attorneys considered that from the contract, we could see the seller was Rongcheng company, the buyer was Russian company. But from another five contracts, although Russian company had involved in negotiation period, but Russian company did not sign in the contracts, so had no obligations to perform another five contracts of building five vessels. And no evidence can certify that Russian company was a party in another five contracts.

After our attorneys negotiated with attorney of seller, and argued in court that our client was the owner of this vessel, arresting vessel was wrong actions, and caused huge damage to buyer. Through several discussions and court hearing, at last, Qingdao maritime court accepted our opinion, and judged to release the vessel without any condition. Our client was very satisfied with this result, and thanked the professional attorney service of Win & Win Law Firm.



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