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Successful refunding payment in solar panel dispute

Our client purchased solar panels from china and found this supplier on alibaba verified, and after discussions on alibaba chat, both parties reached purchase agreement for two containers of solar panels at one million RMB, cargo shall be ready to ship in 15 days. The payment transfer was done. But after the first container arrived at destination port and while the Italy customs checked, found the container was nearly empty. Our client had suffered huge loses.

Our law firm contacted with the supplier and noticed the supplier for their violation of contract and faced the law punishment, after several negotiations by our attorney, through our settlement tactics, at last, the supplier refunded all payment to our client. Our client is happy for the result of this case.

According to Civil Code of the People’s Republic of China, Article 509, the parties shall fully perform their respective obligations as contracted. The parties shall comply with the principle of good faith, and perform such obligations as sending notices, rendering assistances, and keeping confidentiality in accordance with the nature and purpose of the contract and the course of dealing. Article 601 seller shall deliver the subject matter at a time as agreed in the contract.



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