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Claim refund payment for client

Our European client, Technique steel, purchased steel plate from the supplier in Shandong province in January 2022, during the negotiation of this deal, some disputes occurred, and supplier requested supplier to refund the deposit about two million CNY. However, the supplier argued that the deposited had been used to pay their mill, and the mill did not refund them, so they did not agree to refund buyer. After many times of negotiation, the supplier insisted that they did not violate contract, and inclined to settle dispute in court.

We had to take legal actions against the supplier in Chinese court, at the same time, seized the bank accounts of the supplier in order not transferring money, and guarantee the court judgment can be performed at last. During the court hearing, the supplier argued that buyer did not pay money according to contract, violated contract, so they had right to get the deposit. However, we gave supplier serious lesson in the court, exposed their dishonest acts, and demanded the court to punish the supplier with huge compensation. After court hearing, under the pressure, the supplier contacted with court to refund the all payment with loses. This case is successfully settled, and receives the client appraise for high efficient lawyer work. The team for solving this dispute includes our partner Kevin Liu with other attorneys.



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