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Successfully handled the financial loan contract dispute between a foreign bank and a company in Qingdao

A foreign bank as plaintiff signed the loan confirmation letter (unsecured small loan for small and medium-sized enterprises) with the defendant as borrower, which agreed that the plaintiff would issue a loan of RMB 5 million to the defendant, and agreed on interest, repayment and other matters. The above contract shall be guaranteed by the legal representative of the defendant company and his / her spouse. When the principal owed remained more than 3 million yuan, the defendant defaulted.

Due to changes in the economic situation and stricter national environmental protection policies, enterprises have temporary difficulties in operation. The lawyer focuses on protecting the legitimate rights and interests of the bank as a creditor. After entering China’s financial market, foreign banks have carried out a lot of unsecured microfinance business for many high-quality small and medium-sized enterprises in China, which provides funds for the development of small and medium-sized enterprises. At the same time, the orderly operation of small and medium-sized enterprises also provides good feedback for the business of foreign banks. Limited by their own scale and other constraints, small and medium-sized enterprises have limited anti risk ability in the event of policy changes and other factors. For temporary business difficulties, we should try our best to solve the problems through negotiation and determine the repayment plan. Finally, the case was settled through mediation.



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